Poncho, nesle, blå

Poncho i nesle. Handspunne garn og hanstrikka, farga for hand i indigo.

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  • NESLE - frå innhausting til ferdig plagg
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Nydeleg poncho i nesle. Handspunne garn og handstrikka. Unike plagg, ingen er like.

Farga for hand i naturleg indigo farge. Unngå oppbevaring i skarpt solljos.

Storleik: Mål ut frå dokka som er str 38.

Kan vaskast for nesle er sterke fibrar. 

Laga i ein veglaus landsby i Nepal.  Fair trade.

Sagt om klesplagg av nesle:
Allo (= nesle) is cool in the summer and warm in winter, and it´s waterproof, durable and can be worn throughout the year. And then there´s the gauzy lightweight feel of allo shawls and scarves that makes you feel like you´re in a fairy tale world, evoking at every glance the beautiful mountains of eastern Nepal where ingenuity, folk science, and very hard work come together.

Kjempenesle     Girardiana diversifolia

The natural fiber of allo comes from the bark of giant nettle Girardinia diversifolia and has been extracted for generations in the high mountain region. The allo plant occurs in most of the high mountain regions of Nepal at the altitude of 1200 and 3000m. It is a short herb about 2-3 m high, belonging to the family Urticaceae. The leaves are stalked, palmately and deeply divided, dendate and covered with long stinging hairs with hooked protrusions that cause irritation to human skin.. The flowering season is July – September and the flowers are yellowish, clustered in a panicle. They propagate through seeds or root off-shoots. The bark fiber peeled off from the stem yields a silky white fiber which is utilized for making thread, ropes or spun into a yarn.

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